Wills and Estate Planning


How we can secure your assets and decision-making rights

Proper planning now can ease the pain and strain of the unexpected.
You can't take it with you but I can help you tell it where to go.

We can not know what tomorrow will bring but we can make plans. I will help you decide which legal documents are right for you and can carefully draft them to meet your needs.

Standard Will Document Bundle: (includes- Will, POA, Health Proxy, and Advance Directive) is a good starting point for your estate plan.

-Prices start at $550 per individual/$800 per couple.
         *The Thin Blue/Green/Red DISCOUNT*   Pricing for Police, Military, & Firefighters (active, retired, and spouses) starts at $450 per individual/$700 per couple.

     Estate Planning Documents

Will: Often the bedrock of an estate plan, this document details and immortalizes your wishes regarding what happen to your things when you are gone.  A Will gives you great control over what happens to your property after you pass away. It is also a way to designate a caretaker for your children or pets.
I can help craft the Will to meet your specific needs and wishes.

Enduring Power of Attorney: This document allows you to designate someone to make legal decisions regarding your assets, finances, and property.

Health Proxy: This document allows you to designate someone to make legal decisions regarding your health and welfare if you become unable to make such decisions for yourself.

Living Will/Advance Directive: This document allows you state your wishes regarding medical and/or end-of-life treatments. A Living Will allows you to take the burden of those tough decisions off of your loved ones.

Pets:  Our beloved pets are our family (closer than Creepy Aunt Gina) but, unlike family members, pets cannot inherit.  

Basically, pets are considered property by the Courts. Just like you can not leave money to your couch, you can not leave money to your pets. This does not mean, however, that Spike, Mr. Peepers, and Fluffy are out of luck.  With careful planning, you can designate a caretaker for your pets and even leave money in a Trust for their benefit.

Totten Trusts:  These are trusts created in your Will which take effect only upon your death. For example, your Will can be drafted to leave a certain amount of money to be held for your minor child and only be paid to them upon reaching a certain age. Another example is designating a certain sum to be held by the caretaker of your pet and used only for the care of the pet.

Living Trusts:  A Living Trusts (aka inter vivos trusts) allows you to pass your property to your beneficiaries without the hassle of probating a will.  A Living Will can be drafted to accomplish many things with your estate. Contact me to discuss.

Special Needs Trusts:  If you have a child, family member, or friend that is disabled or incapacitated and relying on you, a Special Needs Trust allows you to help guard their interests even after you are gone.

Other Planning:
Prenuptial/Antenuptial Agreements:
 Most people agree that it is wise to make end-of-life plans but far fewer people, it seems, realize that marriage agreements/plans are also a good idea.

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