Prenuptial Agreements (Prenups) and Marriage Planning


What is a Prenup?

Movies, TV shows, books, and celebrity magazines have done an amazing job of convincing people that prenuptial agreements (prenups) are a way for a wealthy guy to cheat his wife.  While this has happened, that is not what prenups are for.

Realistically, prenups are a way for the Nearly-weds to discuss uncomfortable what-ifs.

Prenups are agreements decided upon and entered by the couple prior to the marriage and regarding various matters that could arise during the marriage and how property will be handled if the marriage dissolves. 

A carefully-drafted prenup can protect the interests of both parties.

Prenups are like Wills for your Marriage.

A well-drafted Will can ease the stress and strain of the loss of a loved one by clearly presenting their wishes and predetermining how their estate is to be handled.

Much like a Will, a Prenup allows a couple to, while happy and thinking reasonably, determine how their property is to be divided, how child custody will be handled, and settle other important issues, if the marriage fails.

Prenups can be expansive and cover many things or be narrow.  The specifics will vary with the couple. 

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