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Have you been served with eviction papers?

Is your home unlivable?

Need to have your lease professionally reviewed or to negotiate its terms before you are comfortable signing?


Is a tenant not paying their rent?

The lease is over but the tenant is still there and you want them out?


Drafting, Negotiation of Terms, and Review

Contracts can be confusing but they do not have to be.  

Are you stressing over a contract, wondering:

    Will this protect my interests? 

    Is this fair? 

    What does that even mean?

    He didn't uphold his side of the deal, what can I do about it?!

I can help you navigate the word salad of archaic terms and scary jargon upon which so many contracts are built.

This and more...

 Even if your legal issue is not listed here, I may be able to help.

If problem is outside my areas of practice I may be able to refer you to a suitable lawyer.

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